Menu at restaurant Mincovna Vrchlabí

Menu of Restaurace Mincovna - Hotel Gendorf

Dear Guests,


we are glad that you are interested in our restaurant Mincovna which name is connected with Kryštof form Gendorf who was the mining and coin expert of Ferdinand Habsburg and who was credited with boosting Vrchlabí for its almost 800-year history.


We are taking care of our guest´s tastes for more than 14 years and we are trying to improve our services and cuisine every day.  We are using only fresh ingredients with no addicional substances.  Our menu changes according to seasons and current offer of our suppliers.


Our team is thankful to you, our customers and wish you good appetite. In restaurace Mincovna you can enjoy:




BREAKFAST                                   7:00 – 10:00


Scrambled eggs with onion (3pcs), bread

55,- Kč


Ham and eggs (3pcs), bread

70,- Kč


Selection of sausages, smoked meats, ham, cheeses, butter, bread, coffee/tea, juice

105,- Kč


Fitness breakfast – müsli, cornflakes, fruits, yoghurt, juice, coffee/tea…

125,- Kč


English breakfast – bacon, eggs, sausages, bread, juice, coffee/tea…

135,- Kč


Breakfast buffet

195,- Kč





Pickled grilled peppers stuffed with mashed cheese, toasted bread

89, - / 80 g


Fine homemade pâté, toasted bread

99, - / 80 g


Chipolata sausages on black beer with sauerkraut, bread

89, - / 80 g





Goulash soup, served in a traditional bread pot

85, - / 0.33 l


Strong beef broth with meat, root vegetables and noodles

45, - / 0.33 l





Roast sirloin in cream sauce, traditional roast sirloin in cream sauce with lemon and cranberry target, and whipped cream, with our bread dumplings

175, - / 150 g


Roasted duck leg in pork lard overnight, stewed red cabbage with horseradish and an apple puree, potato dumplings

195, - / 200g


Roasted rabbit thigh on bacon and coarse grain mustard with herbs, basted in white wine, mashed potatoes

175, - / 150 g


Pork knee, roasted on black beer, with caramelized onions, golden spicy mustard, and Bavarian horseradish

265, - / 750g





Aglio-olio, pasta with garlic, onions, chilli peppers, basil pesto and gran moravia cheese

139, - / 350 g


Con pesto – pasta with homemade basil pesto, gran moravia cheese

129, - / 350 g


Funhgi con pollo fitness, pasta with chicken meat and roasted mushrooms, oregano, cream and cheese

165, - /250/100g





Rump steak from a South American bull, scented with coriander and fresh rosemary, garlic dip

280, - / 250 g


Pork tenderloin medallions served on a wild mushroom ragout

185, - / 200 g


Chicken steak stuffed with half-dried tomatoes and blue cheese on a fine cream cheese sauce

165, - / 200 g


Pork tenderloin tips roasted with onions, mushrooms and green beans, dijon mustard cream

175, - / 200 g


Fried schnitzel from pork  or chicken, with grilled lemon and sour pickles

155, - / 200 g


Angus burger, beef burger from the Angus breed, with roasted onions and english bacon, with a side order of vegetables, a crunchy brioche, spicy mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, with steak chips

195, - / 200 g


Fish & Chips, pangasius wrapped in sesame breadcrumbs, served on seasoned sliced lettuce, with our Tartar sauce, fried potato chips julienne

155, - / 200 g


Trout baked on melted butter with apple shavings, baked mashed potatoes

225, - / 220 g


Traditional fried cheese coated in fine white breadcrumbs, tartar sauce

150, - / 150 g


Caesar salad with grilled chicken meat on a mix of chopped salads with an anchovy dressing, croutons and parmesan shavings

165, - /250/100g


Goat cheese salad, goat cheese melted with herbs on toasted bread, seasoned vegetable salad with walnuts and a herb dressing

165, - /250/ 80g





Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

65,- Kč


Blueberry cake with crumble and fruit sauce and whipped cream

65, - Kč


Warm forest fruit flavored eggnog and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

95,- Kč





Steak tartare - fresh raw matured beef sirloin served with toast and garlic

160,- Kč / 120 g


Roasted salted almonds

50,- Kč / 50 g


Feta cheese marinated in olive oil with onion, garlic and herbs

80,- Kč / 100 g


Buffalo Wings chicken wings with celery and spicy sauce

120,- Kč / 220 g